I endorse Bernie Sanders

I publicly endorse Bernie Sanders for president. I am an independent candidate, and admire what Sanders has been able to accomplish in the US Senate as an independent. I voted for Sanders in the Oklahoma primary, and would vote for him again in the general election.
Bernie and I don't agree on absolutely everything, but we agree on a lot of things. What most draws me to support Bernie is his historical support of Transgender rights, particularly as mayor of Montpilier. In 1979, Sanders stood up to political opposition and backed a gay pride parade. In a statement, Sanders said that we must mutually respect each other's lifestyle. In 1981, Sanders signed into law a ordinance that, among other things, protected the gay community from housing discrimination.
Additionally, I agree with Bernie in several key areas. Wealth Inequality is probably the greatest issue facing the people of the United States today. College should be free. Campaign Finance needs to be reigned in. Protecting the environment is extremely important. Immigration policy needs reform, and minorities need to be empowered. Healthcare should be universal, and single-payer. And all of this needs to be funded with a stricter tax system that puts the burden on the rich.
Most of all though, I admire that Bernie is very relatable, and stands by his morals. If I get elected to public office, I pledge to bring the same fairness and consistency to the Oklahoma legislature.
-Marina Mangiaracina
Candidate for Oklahoma State House, District 99
"Equality. Equity. Efficiency."

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